Charko is a revolutionary Spanish brand who set up shop in 2009 in Barcelona, and have been growing ever since. In their own words they are motivated by “creativity, design, functionality, respect, climbing, madness, nature, surprise, quality, friends and party”.  A pretty cool mix in our opinion!


Charko work hard to keep their production local and this is vitally important to OTG.  They have a small workshop in Barcelona where between eight full time staff, Mikel and his team, design patterns, cut and sew.  Charko's team of skilled seamstresses get a bonus for meeting daily targets and work sociable hours. Printing also happens here whether it is screen or vinyl printing on clothing or chalkbags, or digital printing on the awesome bouldering pads. Now these aren't sweat shop conditions (though it does get rather hot in Barcelona in the summer time!).  No mass production, no over production. Happy workers in a creative and happy atmosphere.  That’s what we like!
Distribution, general management and financial stuff also takes place in-situ. Take a look at their wonderful range of t-shirts, hoodies, trousers, shorts and tubulars, along with their 130 strong, chalkbag collection.  We guarantee there will be something for everyone, whether you climb, boulder or deep-water solo!



By using environmentally friendly dying techniques (using 1L of water per kg rather than the normal 30L per kg), by sourcing their materials from local suppliers, and by using inks that are water based and are free from heavy metals, Charko are doing things right in our opinion. "Sure", I hear you say, "You would say that - you're a salesman!" and you're right, I am. But at OTG we believe these things are really important! Who knew that the inks on your t-shirts might contain heavy metals? And who knew that litres upon litres of water are normally wasted in the dying process? Not us, and that is because many producers are not sharing the processes they use during manufacture. What Charko are doing is common sense and they are proud to share it!

We can all do our bit for the environment, even when we go climbing - so get on your bikes, or simply check out the Charko collection here

Charko support the NGO Survival International who help defend the remaining tribal populations around the world – support them here: www.survivalinternational.org